Lamas are wonderful companion animals who are especially gentle with children.  

Llamas happily attend school pet days and walk in the pet parades with the lambs, calves, ponies and dogs.  They also take part in Christmas street parades and admire themselves in the shop windows as they walk along.  Llamas also take part in Nativity plays where they substitiute for camels.

Llamas enjoy walking with other llamas and their two legged "friends" they willingly carry your camera, drink bottle, coat lunch etc.

Llamas are used as pack animals and willingly carry what is needed for time out on the trail for a day or so.  A fully grown male llama can carry up to 40 kgs in packs on his back.

Llamas make great therapy animals they are instinctively quite and gentle with the infirm and disadvantaged people, they are naturally curious and alert. 

Llamas are shown at A & P Shows where they compete in the more serious Conformation classes and in the fun Performance classes which constists of Obstacles, Public Relations and Packing.

Llamas have soft fibre which can be used for felting, knitting, weaving.
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